Fashion VooDoo – Sneak peak part III

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Last part of the sneak peaks for Fashion VooDoo, which is going to start at 6pm SLT.

I wanted to show you the other exclusive item i released for this awesome event, and i had the idea to create this “baroque” outfit, because I went to Collabor88, and i couldn’t resist, i had to buy it!

You can find infos about skin, eyes, claws, fangs, rings, make up and eyelashes in my previous posts.







Credits :


HairTuTy’s – Venice hair (it comes in blond, but i recoloured it)

Forehead tattoo : ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Make me gothic (it comes in 4 versions) @ Fashion VooDoo

Face piercingCobrahive – Hachi – black

Chest tattoo[VIRTUAL/INSANITY] – Anatomy Tat

GlovesNomine – Gloves full length fingerless

Stockings*League* – Gartered socks – black

Necklace:Hebenon Vial: – Clockwork collar

Dress : (NO) – Baroque bustle mini – black @ Collabor88

BootsBlackburns – Leather lita spikes



Fashion VooDoo – Sneak Peak part II

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And another preview for you. The event is going to start in few hours, so get ready to grab all the fantastic new releases that will be 50% off.

This time i chose to show  you one of the tank tops from *Epic* that will be available during the event.

Infos about skin, ears, eyelashes, rings, eyes, claws, fangs, make up and hands tattoo are available in my previous posts.




Credits :


Hair/Wasabi Pills/ – Teeloh mesh hair

Face piercing:Hebenon Vial: – Metal mouth

Body piercings-.HoD.- – Mess of metal piercing set

-.HoD.- – Thrust piercing

HatCobrahive – Officer cap (10L ONLY!!)

Face tattooREPULSE – Slashed cheek face tattoo

Chest + arms tattoo~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Time is precious (past hunt item)

Throat tattoo[DDL] – Cross tattoo in the throat

Top : *Epic* – Mesh loose tanks (pack 2) @ Fashion VooDoo

PantsSpirit Store – Binaris pants

Belt[NV] – Outfit psycho black – belt (part of an outfit)

ShoesBlackburns – Black leather lita spikes



Fashion VooDoo – Sneak Peak part I

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It’s going to start tonight, at midnight, but i wanted to give you a small sneak peak. I’m involved in the event with my store, and i wanted to show you other awesome items that will be available there.

Every new release will be exclusive and marked 50% off.

Infos about skin, eyelashes, rings, fangs, claws, ears, hands tattoo and bracelet are in the previous posts.






Credits :


HairNikita Fride – Thrill hair – blackout

Eyes make up : ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Flamingo @ Fashion VooDoo (NEW!!)

Lips make up[Beautifully Grotesque] – Voluptuos lips eccentric – black

Piercing:Hebenon Vial: – Spiritus sanctus (mid. cross)

Arms tattoo~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Time is precious (previous hunt item)

Throat tattoo[DDL] – Cross tattoo in the throat

Dress : [ SAKIDE ] – Classy skull dress @ Fashion VooDoo (NEW!!)

BootsDRD – Mel goth boot CA3 – black


A touch of red

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I got inspired by those boots, they’re awesome, aren’t they? And  they’re an absolut bargain! I bought them at The Rove. So i had to find something to match that awesome red pair of boots, right? This is why i added those earrings with spikes, that you will find at XYROOM only, and guess what? They’re FREE! Last touch of red i decided to add are those stunning sharp claws by [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] and they change colour when you touch them, so no need to buy tons of same items, with just different colours.

You will find infos about skin, eyes, eyelashes, fangs, ears, hands tattoo, rings, bracelet in my previous posts.




Credits :


Hair.::MADesigns HAIR::. – ALYS – black

Eyes make upDead Apples – Glam eyeshadows – rouge

La Malvada Mujer – kiki #2

Cheap Makeup – Gutter liner

Lips make up[Beautifully Grotesque] – Voluptuous lips eccentric – mauve

Earrings : Persefona – RockGirl red earrings @ XYROOM  (FREE)


Tattoo : …::s t u d i o D::… – Tattoo music of death @ Vanity Fair

Top[Leezu!] – Valerie blouse – black

Pants[Leezu!] – Mia corset pants / corset dress – black

StockingsAVid – The raven – stockings ripped (part of an outfit)

BootsThe Rove – Flame shoes red and black


Psycho killer, qu’est que c’est?

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Fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa, fa!

This is the tune i had in my mind when i bought this awesome MESH shirt at {Pop Tart} had to buy it.

And what can i say about the shoes that i bought at Blackburns ? They’re awesome and they’re a real bargain, believe me!

Infos about skin, eyes, eyelashes, rings, fangs, hands tattoo and make up are available in the past posts

Credits :

Hair*~*Damselfly*~* – Eryca black pearl

Spikes headband-=FORSAKEN=- – Mutha fuckin’ princess spiked head band (long)

Face piercing : :Hebenon Vial: – Spiritus Sanctus [mid. cross]

Ears : :Hebenon Vial: – Pierced! Ears [Images of evil pack] V3.0

Throat tattoo[DDL] – Cross tattoo in the throat

Arms tattoo~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Time is precious (past hunt item)

Shirt{Pop Tart} – Horror star sweater (Michael)

PantsTausendschoen (known as Ibizarre) – Zipper leggin

ShoesBlackburns – Heel-less platform spike booties black

Poses + knives::~Juxtapose~:: – Fun with knives

Leather meets lace

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So i could not resist to go again to *COCO* DESIGNS and i bought this awesome leather jacket. Then i found some awesome boots from a store called Blackburns, which is on the marketplace only.

I decided to wear even one of my creations. I made this one in occasion of the july’s round of Horror Hauteplus an exclusive tattoo that i made for the past round of { Grunge Soul Project } 

You can find infos about skin, eyes, claws, fangs, eyelashes, hands tattoo, make up and rings in my previous posts.



Credits :


Hair. ploom . – Stevie

Face piercings-.HoD.- – Sideswept piercing collection

Cobrahive – Hachi –  black

Chest + face tattoo~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – Venom (past GSP item)

Jacket*COCO* DESIGNS – BlackLeatherJacket

Leggings~.:.Hysteria.:.~ – The darkness (past Horror Haute item, available soon at the mainstore)

BootsBlackburns – Black leather lita spikes



To the bones

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So, do you like bones? Erm, i’m not talking about eating them, it was about outfits. Anyway, yes, i do, this is why i would like to show you a mix and match that i put together long time ago.

There are many awesome items in this outfit.

Infos about skin, eyes, eyelashes, fangs, claws and ears are available in my previous posts.



Credits :


Hair*~*Damselfly*~* – Eryca/Black Pearl

Bones tiaraSchadenfreude – Voodoo queen tiara

Make upDead Apples – Glam eyeshadows – noir

Arms tattooDEF! – Tattoo/Skull & bones

Hands tattooLa Malvada Mujer – La mano black  (FREE)

Face piercingCobrahive – Hachi – black

Belt[NV] – part of “Outfit psycho” black

Belly piercings-.HoD.- – Thrust piercing

-.HoD.- – Mess of metal piercing set

Bracelets[ glow ] – I’ll rock you bracelet (silver)

:Fusion: – Cord necklace & bracelet set

Rings[ glow ] – I’ll rock you ring (silver)

[DDL] – Rumor has it…(ring) (silver)

Spikes on the legs sidesGlam Affair – Spiker – blue (they come with pants)

ShoesHouse of Fox – Arch spine boots [white] (FREE)

Top[CheerNo] – F*CK U – LYR

PantsISON – leather leggings black